When selling a home, it can be difficult to know what features potential buyers may be looking for. Each buyer brings their own unique set of criteria and preferences to the home shopping experience, making it challenging for sellers to make the right decisions when preparing their homes to sell. Fortunately, there are some discernible trends that sellers can take inspiration from. Here are a few of the most popular home features currently on buyer’s minds: 

Home Office

First up – home office space. Work-from-home jobs continue to be on the rise, and so is the need for a home office – even for those who don’t exclusively work from home. Whether it be a nook or a room with a door, appeal to homebuyers’ sense of place by showing them how their work-life balance can be achieved through an inviting, dedicated home office space. 

Smart Home Features

And when the work day is done, homebuyers want to enjoy smart home features that make their lives easier. Bonus points if the product can be controlled from a smartphone app. Items like smart speakers and lights are just the beginning. Go one step further and think smart video security systems, doorbells and thermostats. These enhancements take cutting edge technology and bring it home (literally!) into the hands of homeowners to make their lives more efficient, convenient, and productive, and will give your home a competitive edge in the marketplace. 


The next heavy hitter in homebuying trends is eco-friendly everything-you-can-think-of.  

Energy efficient appliances are a must. And with so many options on the market, it’s a no-brainer. According to homeadvisor.com, Energy Star appliances can reduce energy usage and costs by 10-50 percent. With virtually no drawbacks to choosing Energy Star-rated products, this is a feature homebuyers are coming to expect. Energy efficient windows follow suit, so look for argon-filled, double-paned products with Energy Star ratings the next time you’re planning any window repairs or upgrades. Finally, consider an environmentally friendly paint for both interior and exterior applications. Paints with low or zero VOC ratings and GREENGUARD certification are features to remember. 

For today’s homebuyer, details matter. With a little intentional planning, you can keep one step ahead by tuning into what homebuyers value most. Whether it’s desirable home office space or smart home features and eco-conscious products, your decisions are sure to impress.