When it comes to the room homebuyers focus on most, the kitchen always scores high. With the popularity of open floor plans, the kitchen often becomes, and is desired as a focal point of the entire home. So it is the kitchen that deserves our attention. 

Whether you embrace cooking or do it only when you must, quality kitchen equipment is requisite. But no one wants a kitchen cluttered with random and overly-specific gadgets that do nothing more than take up space. So how do you know what’s worth the buy? We’ve narrowed it down for you in this compilation of our favorite kitchen essentials that keep delivering, time after time.

Instant Pot

So, it’s true.The hype about the Instant Pot is real. It’s a pressure cooker plus so much more. You can also saute, steam, slow cook, and it’s a rice cooker. It often replaces more than a few of your existing kitchen tools and does all the jobs well, and quickly! And with an easy to use interface, you don’t have to be one of these manual readers to use it. Some say it will revolutionize your kitchen game. We agree. If you haven’t tried an Instant Pot yet, get on it!


To quench your thirst, check out the SodaStream sparkling water maker. It’s easy to use, and it’s slender design makes it conveniently accessible for everyday use. The carbonation comes from a cylinder that, once empty, can be conveniently traded-out at local retail stores or through SodaStream mail exchange. You can even pick up flavorings to make homemade sodas with much less sugar than regular soft drinks. So ditch your beverage cans or bottles for an eco-friendly alternative. Enjoy the endless options of creating your own custom sodas, cocktails or mocktails that will be sure to please. 

Herb Shears

When it comes to preparing delectable dinners at home, incorporating herbs and spices into your recipes is a must. A pair of herb shears make quick work of cutting fresh chives, cilantro, parsley or other herbs with little effort. For grinding seeds and spices for fragrant and potent flavors, pick up a simple yet classic marble mortar and pestle like this one. It’s the best for breaking down whole mustard seeds, cumin, garlic, peppercorns and so much more. Your guests will appreciate you going the extra mile for the freshest taste. Continuing on with the freshness, add a quality citrus juicer to your list of must-haves. From fresh squeezed orange juice for brunch or fresh lime juice for that key lime pie, there is no substitute for fresh-squeezed citrus.  

Silicone Kitchen Sponge

Finally, what comes after all the cooking? The dishes! Make your effort count with this awesome silicone kitchen sponge for your pots, pans and dishes. It’s an eco-friendly option to disposable sponges and, it’s easily refreshed in the dishwasher. 

So whether you consider yourself a seasoned home chef or if you’re just getting it done, quality and detail matters in the kitchen. Focusing on key kitchen tools will have you serving your family and guests in style.