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Just What is a NC Green Built Home?

It’s Even More Energy Efficient Than Energy Star!


  • EPA Energy Star Certification. Approx 25% utility savings compared to a standard home!
  • Door Blower Test to Ensure Air Tightness
  • Sealed Ductwork and Tested for Leakage
  • Pre-sized Heating and Cooling Equipment for Maximum Efficiency
  • Combustion Equipment Located Outside Conditioned Space
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Air barriers between conditioned living space and garage
  • Enrollment in NC Green Built Home Program

Site Conditions

  • Erosion Control Site Plan
  • Use of Recycled Mulch and Compost
  • Minimum 12 trees/acre of developed land
  • Landscaping Utilizes Native Pest Resistant Plants

Water Requirements

  • Drought Resistant Plantings and Grass
  • Permeable Driveways & Walkways
  • Storm Water Collection System
  • Faucets with aerators installed
  • High Efficiency Toilets
  • Energy Star Requirements

Indoor Air Quality

  • Capillary break between foundation and framing
  • Carbon monoxide detector installed in mechanical room
  • Radon gas vent system installed
  • Fresh air supply ventilation system
  • Zero formaldehyde OSB (sheathing)
  • Pre-exhausted VOCs(volatile organic compound)
  • Low VOC stains & finishes on wood floors
  • Low VOC carpet

Building Envelope Requirements

  • High Insulation Values in all walls and roof
  • Rigid insulation installed in slab
  • Insulated frame door to unconditioned space
  • Advanced framing techniques utilized
  • Low E insulated glass windows
  • Insulated exterior doors

Comfort Systems Included

  • Ceiling fans included
  • Position building to maximize solar exposure
  • No ducts in exterior walls
  • Insulated duct work
  • Programmable thermostats – by zone
  • 92% energy efficient furnace
  • High efficiency cooling equipment

Appliances & Lighting

  • Energy Star installed appliances
  • High efficiency Rinnai tankless hot water heater
  • Recessed lighting with compact fluorescents (sealed)


  • On site healthy built home program includes maximized square footage in floor plans
  • On site recycling of building materials
  • Maximization of material used in building
  • Concrete with fly ash
  • Use of engineered woods where available
  • Windows installed to surpass code
  • Use of environmentally friendly exterior products
  • Recycled content used in insulation
  • Recycled padding used for carpet
  • Engineered interior trim
  • Recycled material used in gypsum wallboard