When you buy a New Home, the History begins with You!

  • You receive a Builder Warranty, plus all new appliances and mechanical systems with new manufacturer warranties.

  • You have no immediate costs updating and/or replacing components and finishes. (They are NEW!)

  • Your new home from Lifestyle Homes features low-maintenance exteriors, in addition to NO YARD WORK. More time for your life!

  • The latest and most up-to-date Energy Star rated energy-saving building materials are used, and your home is built to Energy Star standards resulting in savings on all future utility bills.

  • Your home’s construction meets OR EXCEEDS the most recent building codes.

  • You can customize your home to your unique style and taste when choosing your floor plan, colors, and finishes.

  • The security of knowing how your home was built, and the materials used. No unknowns or guesswork with your home’s construction and structural integrity.

  • Choose the community that best fits YOUR lifestyle, wants, and needs.